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The main product GreenWise Building Materials, Inc. is a building block similar to many currently on the market but ours block has a new cementous material composed of primarily recycled material. Many offer a cement block that utilizes Portland Cement and recycled polystyrene beads as fillers to create a building block that is composed of recycled material. The problem with these types of block is the Portland Cement used is not a recycled material. The foamed cementous material in Fortis is. With our block we have a highly insulative building material that can be used to build any type of structure and the material is all recycled.

Fortis is impervious to all envirmontal conditions. Heat, cold, fire, earthquake, wind, water and sound are eliminated by the design of our system. The insulative value of the block is higher than that of standard construction today and eliminates additonal materials to be used for insulation once the structure is built.

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